Video content
for online audiences.

Welcome to Public Island. We create informational website and social videos for your brand.


Public Island’s goal is to create or bolster a high quality video presence for your brand as efficiently as possible.

Internet users are more savvy and research oriented than ever.  Let’s give them what they want and let’s give it to them in the most effective medium available.  A medium that is also becoming more and more accessible to employ: VIDEO.


A free flow of information about your product or service not only gives something of value to your audience but offers a way to more directly communicate with them.
Videos of: origin stories, real world applications, user experiences, and informational presentations are marketing components that have the potential to exponentially impact your reach.




These videos are designed for your website and landing pages.

We consider the topics in which your customers are most interested and produce content accordingly.


These, usually shorter video clips, have more clickablity and sensory stimulation to cut through noise.

Engage your existing social channels or employ these videos with digital ads for further reach.


Currently in beta, this consulting service builds a comprehensive model for your business to independently create video content without the use of a traditional agency or production company.


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