We grow
e-commerce companies with video.

Welcome to Public Island. We're a video marketing agency based in Los Angeles, CA.


Public Island focuses on e-commerce brands and the audiences that are attracted to them.  With more information available than ever, these audiences require different content than a decade ago.

When we understand your audience deeply and gain insights into them: what they see, what they hear, and how they think; we can communicate with them in a convincing, and effective way that offers value.

Video is a more direct link to minds because of it’s immersive nature.  Video supercharges your connection to your customers.  It is a necessary outlet for your brand experience in 2020.

Today more than ever, ideas and strategy are more important than fancy sets and high end graphics.  The tools of video have become democratized.  Let us help your company use them as best as it can. 



Videos tailored towards your website and landing pages to help convert customers and boost SEO.

For active websites, effective videos can dramatically increase conversion rates of online sales.


Video campaigns meant to increase your social channels and engage your audience.

From simple clips to extended multi-part series, these videos can be the stimulus for massive attention and sales.


Multiple video ads shot in batch to test and employ on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Google, or alternate ad networks online.

Figure out if your business can scale with this approach.


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Mash Studios MOD Furniture

California Plant Essences