We grow technology and health companies with video.

Have you ever wondered if video could play a role in your marketing?

10 Points

1. without a focused plan that is backed by strategic insights there is no way to know if a video campaign will be effective.
Public Island focuses on the specific niches of technology and health, so that we can understand the specific consumer psychology
that will sell your products.
Public Island also focuses on specific avenues of engagement that we feel are the most effective for each individual company. 
Public Island is intentionally lean because we’re about results not inflated budgets and pretentious videos.  Simple as that.    

How We Do It...

Video Branding

We find specific audio and video parameters to speak to your customer profiles.  Example areas of consideration include:  style of cinematography, genre of music, archetypal imagery, actor demographics, color scheme, etc.

Misaligning even one element can cause a huge drop in effectiveness.

Website Videos

Supercharge your landing pages with video content tailored towards watchability, boosting conversions and improving SEO.

We look to offer informational and/or entertainment based options for your website.  If there’s no reason to click on the video then why even make one?

Video Advertising

Create video based Ads for any major online platform, be it facebook, youtube preroll, google, etc. 

Already have a print campaign?  Update it with video for more effective reach.

Some Of Our Work...

Go Bank Visa Commercial

Mash Studios MOD Furniture

Adroxx Explainer Video